Testimonials From Our Customers

Heidi N.

We met up witl Yoel as we got off a cruise ship. He knew exactly where we wanted to hike and gave us a very accurate estimate of how much it would cost to get there and how long the hike would take. He pointed out some interesting features of Juneau and and made an excellent recommendation for the Hanger for dinner. We were picked up promptly when we called for our return trip. Great trip, great service. I have recommended to my friends.

Sheri M.

Taxis may be a dying breed but there are still parts of this country where they are essential. Juneau happens to be one of them. No ride sharing companies and a mediocre bus system are the main culprits. But really, would you expect anything more from a city that doesn’t even have a single road leading into or out of it?

Glacier Taxi is a fairly simple and straightforward company. They’re cash only and their fleet is a bunch of well-worn minivans, but they get you to your destination without a fuss. I touched down at the airport and walked outside to the queue of taxis. Glacier happened to be next for a fare so I hopped in. I was driven downtown in 15 minutes for about $22.

Two days later, I needed a ride back to the airport to pick up my rental car. I called dispatch an hour before I wanted to be picked up, they confirmed the time, and reminded me they are cash only. I came down a few minutes early and my taxi was already waiting outside. My second trip basically mirrored the first but in reverse.

This was probably my most pleasant experience riding a taxi ever. And I got to do it twice! There’s a reason we’ve all converted to Uber and Lyft in larger cities, but if traditional taxis operated more like Glacier Taxi, we’d be more inclined to keep using them.


not all taxi services are created equal and not all many were willing to take us where we wanted to go: a movie theater! our desired stop was on the way to another location other passengers were going so we were gladly accepted. not only that we were given a business card so we could call when we needed a return back to our cruise ship. service was friendly, prompt, and i’d definitely recommend giving these people a chance to get you where you want to go.